iTalk LE Server Tech Specs

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iTalk LE Server Features

  • Listen live to an iTalk message while it's being archived.
  • Supports conversion of audio messages to the following formats: Windows Media 7/8/9; RealOne Player, RealPlayer 7/8/G2, Helix; WAV; DSP True Speech.
  • Supports over 1 billion messages (limited only by storage capacity).
  • Audio message length limited only by storage capacity or by the system administrator.
  • Supports analog and digital phone lines.
  • Supports from 1 to 120 telephone lines per system. Multiple systems can be linked together to support over 1,200 telephone lines.
  • Automatically generate customized/unique HTML, ASP, and other web pages files.
  • Allows pausing (mute) while recording.
  • Can be administered remotely using a web browser.
  • Runs as a Windows NT service.
  • Automatically publish media clips, RAM, HTML, and ASP files to one or more web servers/media servers. Supported publishing protocols include FTP, UNC, and file copy.
  • Messages can be administered individually or as an account (100 messages).
  • PIN protected subscriber access (messages can't be erased or recorded without the caller knowing the subscriber's PIN).
  • Optional PASSWORD protected message access helps keep messages confidential (messages can't be played back over the telephone without the caller knowing the message PASSWORD).
  • Supports Publish Scripts to publish (transfer) files to a media server, HTTP server, FTP server, or any other file server. Virtually any action can be performed using Publish Scripts.
  • Supports Action Scripts to perform specific actions based on user menu selections.
  • Logs system access, errors, and warnings, for auditing and monitoring purposes.
  • Allows all telephone DTMP keys to be re-mapped - customization of menu options.
  • ANI Filtering allows incoming calls to be accepted only from telephone numbers specified in the iTalk configuration.
  • Event Notification allows external application clients to register with iTalk LE Server and be notified when specific iTalk events occur.
  • Supports as many LE Servers as necessary to provide scalability with the number of live streams.
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iTalk LE Server Features
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