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iTalk LLC Acquires TellSoft Technologies, Inc

iTalk LLC's purchase of TellSoft Technologies, a leading provider of business communication solutions, now enables businesses to own and operate these solutions.

During its four years in business, TellSoft set an industry standard for easy-to-use, cost-effective live web presentations, live web broadcasting and instant web publishing. Credited with inventing live phone-to-Internet technology for streaming media, TellSoft provided a full range products and services to industry-leading companies such as Fidelity Investments, IBM, InterCall, Interliant, Merck, Motorola, PR Newswire, Prudential Financial, Vcall and Yahoo! These applications, along with the new release of iTalk LE Server 5.6, are now available for purchase.

The financial problems in the Internet industry have prompted hundreds of Internet companies to change their business model, be acquired, dramatically raise prices or go out of business completely. Thousands of business customers using these services have been left without a solution, sometimes with little, or no, advanced notice. Many businesses were irreparably harmed. Will your business be next? iTalk forever eliminates these problems by enabling you to own and operate your own business communication solutions. These can be private-labeled with your branding, secured behind your firewall and integrated into your business. Control your destiny and take the risk out of "renting" your company's mission-critical services.

iTalk's award-winning solution, based on patent pending technology include:

Customization, enhancements and integration services also available. Click here to request more information.

iTalk LLC was founded by former TellSoft Technologies' COO John Cunningham and CTO/Co-Founder Paul Carver.

For more information on how your business can leverage iTalk solutions to lower the cost of business communication, contact us at or at (303) 926-0111.

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