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Release 5.6 Now Available
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iTalk Server software pioneered the live audio webcasting market when it invented phone-to-internet technology in 1997. Now, after three production releases, five years of development, 100's of customer implementations and real world production-tested experience, iTalk is releasing iTalk Server 5.6. New Release 5.6 features include:

  • Windows Media® 9 compatible
  • RealNetworks Helix 9.1TM compatible
  • Installation Wizard - Allows easy and secure software download, installation and configuration
  • Global Management System - Web-based client to monitor the status of multiple iTalk LE Servers
  • Streaming Insertion API - Allows third-party applications to insert Internet URLs into audio streams for dynamic presentations and on-demand archives
  • Streaming URL API - Allows the dynamic use of pre-allocated streaming URLs, either internal or external
  • Call Management API - Allows the recording of calls to be controlled by third-party software (start, end, pause)
  • Recaster Pool - Ability to retry pool of streaming URLs in case of single point-of-failure eliminating any impact to the live stream
  • Custom Audio - Ability to play custom audio clips prior to broadcast record, during pause, and post broadcast
  • Windows 2000 / XP Compliant
  • Dialogic System 5.1.1 Compliant
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